100 ‘likes’ milestone

I know that because of the age we live in that 9/10 of people on the internet who ‘subscribe’ or ‘like’ are actually bots or bots using hacked accounts. Yet even with those odds it is lovely to have reached 100 ‘likes’ on Facebook for our the board game I’m making called Space Battle!

Just letting you know that I’m feeling marginally pumped. Big thanks goes out to all the bots and the relatively few friends and strangers who helped us get there. 



In my (Maxwell) time listening to feedback around the internet about what we’ve put out about our game thus far I found out that we hadn’t actually put that much out about the game itself which is a problem because who wants process without purpose? As such I whipped up this “about” page and slapped it on the site. Please drop by and find out what questions you’d like to ask!